Acting as if…

One thing that The Lord has really put on my heart through this whole thing is faith. I could not do the things I have through this whole thing if it wasn't for faith. When God spoke to me on the hill side, I have said before, I have an everyday choice to believe what He said was true and He will remain faithful or not. Faith is the evidence of things hoped for and the substance of things unseen, Hebrews 11:1. I can't always see what or how God is going to take care of everything but that's where faith comes in. I have been reading Hebrews 11 a lot lately. It is such am encouraging chapter on faith. A few things have really stuck out to me. I admit that they aren't new and have always been there but they have been striking my heart in a totally new way than the ever had before. I have been experiencing how the Word is truly alive. I can't count how many times I have read that chapter and it always touches me different. In vs. 6 it says it is impossible to please God with out faith. In Romans it says we cannot please Him operating in the flesh. When I am operating in faith, I am operating in the spirit. Faith is the doorway into walking in the power of the Holy Ghost. Walking in the Spirit, as a Christian, is something I have always wanted and longed for. It has had this allure to it, like walking in the Spirit is this tangible feeling of tingling and fire. But walking in the Spirit and in faith isn't always like that. Circumstance and this world screams in opposition to that and it is a decision to ignore that and believe God with or with out the feelings to go along with it. Hebrews 11 gives us example of many great men and women of God who were full of faith. It strikes me that it wasn't what they did that God counted as righteous, it was the belief, faith, in what He had told them. Faith propels us to action but the action in and of its self isn't it. We can act with out faith. Faith is recieving what He has promised and "walking as if". God gives us promises and faith is believing that that is true. Seeking Him and acting as if that's all that matters. It's not our job to understand the process our obstacles. The L ord directs our steps, so why try to understand everything along the way? (Proverbs 20:24 NLT). All the examples of faith in chapter 11 had moments where it didn't look like God was fulfilling His end of the promise. But they all believed Him when everything else said He wasn't there. Faith takes our weakness and turns it into strength, vs. 34. Having faith doesn't mean our lives will go smoothly and nothing bad will ever happen, we read that in the last few verses of the chapter. But through it all we have something to hold onto in the midst of the storm

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  1. Sandy tankiewicz

    Exactly what both my bible study’s have been talking about…both in 1st Corinthians and in Genesis….have had great discussions on this subject lately…God is so consistent…it comes down to faith…believing God.not getting in the way …and letting Him fullfill His promises in His way and His timing!isn’t it cool the way God speaks to His people…sometimes it’s as if He’s telling us all the same thing though we are miles apart!it almost seems as though He’s up to something!!!!


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