He Never Wastes a Moment

I have talked about the frustration of being home, and how I have been learning about patience and coming to love the process.  God is so faithful!  Frustrations still come and I still find Him in the process.  I love reading the Psalms because I can always feel and identify with the emotions behind them.  I remember reading over them while I was in jail and noticing that even when the psalmist was feeling so alone or hopeless he would declare who God is and all the things that He has done for him.  It struck me then that looking back at the faithfulness of Jesus in my life that i know today will be OK.  The Lord reminded me of that revelation and has been showing me even more now.  I can look back over my life and see how in every moment God was up to something.  In every trial, hard time, victory, and joy that He had a plan and a purpose.  He was working in me at every moment then and it helps me have faith the He is working right now.  He is faithful and the same yesterday, today and forever.  Why would I not believe that there is purpose in everything i face today.  He doesn't waste time.  He doesn't forget about me or just leave me hanging to later come back and redeem that.  He is working now, today.  It's up to me to have faith in Him and believe that.  It doesn't always give me butterflies or the Holy goosebumps.  Faith is the evidence of things hoped for and the substance of things unseen.  I don't need to feel or see in the moment exactly what's happening, just believe that even the smallest detail of my life isn't lost. 

One thought on “He Never Wastes a Moment

  1. Ryan

    Wow words can not describe how unreal this has been for me in following you on FB, to say the least your words are extremely powerful and yes the LORD is amazing. I understand that we went to college together and did some parting but it would be a great pleasure to catch up with you. I am currently living in Billings, MT; do you ever come this way? I think and pray about you everyday in hopes those legs will live again. I have always considered you an awesome man/friend and was always curious to why we never kept in touch after college! I wish you the most my man and look forward to the journey ahead of us! Whats your phone#?

    Much love,
    Ryan M. Allen


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