His Goodness

I was talking with someone really close to me and they asked me a a question that, to be honest, shook me a little. They asked, "through this whole thing, what has God been teaching you?" I didn't know where to start or how to put it into words. I had been reveling in what He has been doing in me but never had to verbalize what was going on in my heart and mind. The question shook me because I want to be able to tell people what exactly I was experiencing, so I could share my testimony and glorify him and I found myself at a loss of words. I have thinking and praying for the right words to explain everything that I have been experiencing. I felt like The Lord told me to start writing and he would pore out....so here I go. I have shared my story of where I came from and all that he has saved me from. God's goodness ruined me then when he chose me. I was strung out, with no self worth, hope, or even faith. He looked down from heaven and said, "Mike, you are worth it. You are worth me dying on a cross. I want to be in relationship with you so bad and I love you so much, I am going to come as a human, be persecuted, and die. I am going do all of this with no guarantee of you choosing me, but I have I chosen you." What an honor. What a great God! This has changed my whole life. The only way I can respond to this is by giving my life back to him. I finally tasted His love and His goodness. I want to give him everything of me, fully and completely. That is enough, enough for me to give him my life forever. No turning back, no reservations. When I think of of all the things He is doing in the midst of this chaos, I become undone by His love again. Jesus is so much more than just a savior. His goodness was fully demonstrated on the cross but it doesn't end there. He wants to give me life abundant! Not to just live, but live in blessing and prosperity. A blessing a prosperity that transcends all circumstance and situation. There I was lying on a mountain side full of fear, and even though He has done enough for me, He broke through and have me a peace and security that I can't put into words. I have doctors telling me I will never walk again and my life will never be the same. He has renewed my hope in him and tells me otherwise. I see bills of how much this is going to cost and He raises up people to to go above and beyond anything I could of ever asked for to support me. My flesh tells me this is to much and to give up, His spirit empowers me and gives me victory. His goodness has yet again changed me forever. The cross is the most beautiful thing. It's the picture of my God and savior. It is so much more than just to save, it's for an exceedingly and abundantly life. Not just for me, but for you. He loves you more than you can comprehend. He set aside his divinity to save you and it doesn't stop there. He wants to rain down his love and favor on you forever. He wants to, not change circumstance, but change you in circumstance. I believe that as I continue to walk this out he will reveal more to me, and I will make sure to share it.

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  1. Quinn Griffith

    What can I say I am reproved. I perceived you as a man that wanted to be heard…rather then GOD wanted to be heard. I assumed the weight carried was a balloon inflated by people, rather then what has become…as of late, unlikely in my mind….HE raises people up even when its undetectable from those that lift up their own souls on purpose yet not to be despised(lightly esteemed). I knew you didn’t understand me, and could not fully relate, yet I can not deny genuine effort to demonstrate room for The LORD to confirm any approval of me; Maturity I assumed I held sway over between us…to my shame.

    I wanted to fight for you coming stepsthen was shocked in a dream when you walked passed my…proved in the night.

    I don’t ever want you to see me as I pretended to not care about…how I am seen. I hope The LORD makes me look good in your sight.


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