More Testimonies

There are so many testimonies I don’t think I will be able to share them all. I do want to share as many as possible because as the Bible says, we overcome by the blood of the lamb and the word of our testimonies.

I was talking with a women who, to my surprise, started opening up to me about some hurts she had growing up. Among living in a terrible home environment, with a lot of injustices and hurts from family, she grew up with a religiously devout mother. I didn’t ask too many details because it was time for me to just listen but I felt like there was a religious spirit in the home. What I mean by that is, a lot of rules and this is what your supposed to do. As well as we don’t need to do anything because God will make everything perfect and if he doesn’t its his will for that to happen. I could go on and on about how opposite to the love of God is but I’ll refrain. Anyway, because of all the abuse and a picture of a God that would will this into her families life, never save them, and was all about rules, she started to develop a picture of the God with all those characteristics. I hope everyone knows that abuse and injustice breaks the Father’s heart and he wants to be there to bring us through it. Jesus never said there wouldn’t be trouble but really promised it. He also told us that we have hope, hope in the cross and in him. That he will give us the comforter and to not lose heart because He has overcame this world. That’s the God I know and try to show people. She began to tell me that seeing me not get angry with God, grow closer to Him, and watching the work He has been doing through this incident has started to make her re evaluate the God that she thought she knew. Friend I know that as you seek God for who He is you will find Him. And He wants to heal your heart and walk you through this. That He is so full of love and delight over you. He never wanted these thing to happen and He is so for you!

A huge cry of my heart has been for unity in the body of Christ. My heart breaks when I see separation and not reconciliation. This whole experience has shown me so much about The Lord. He thrives in chaos. When people are touched deeply in their heart the forget all the disagreements and arguments and go to God. One thing that has wrecked my heart, in the best way possible, is to see the unity all over my accident. It is truly an honor to witness let alone be apart of it. My family and I are so humbled. We have seen people who were at odds come together to support me. By visiting me, praying for me, and many other ways. My accident has made the forget about what’s so wrong with each other. Not that they are unifying for me, but for Jesus. For His will, plan, provision, and healing. When we go before The Lord about anything he changes us and it effects the rest of our lives. People all over are going to Jesus. There have been different churches lifting me up corporately at the same time, going to God for the same thing, wow. I don’t believe by any means it is perfect unity, but it is a start. I am humbled that He opened my eyes to it and I get to partner with him in it. I can see now when that circumstances seem harsh, it’s chaotic, and hope us fading God has the opportunity to make his perfect will known.

More testimonies to come! There have been so many please continue to share them with me. I will do my best to share them to glorify Him!

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