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There are probably a lot of people who are walking this journey with me who know my story and the things I've been through. I also think that there are a lot who might not. I would love for everyone to know my story and what Christ has done in my life. We do overcome by the blood of the lamb and the word of our testimony. I am going to stay away from super detailed stories just because I want to focus on what God has done and it would be way too long haha. I was raised in an amazing family with parents who love Jesus. They did the best they know how to raise us up in a Godly home. It wasn't perfect. We weren't the best at confrontation and kind of swept things under the rug but love and support was always so strong in my home. I thank God every day for the amazing parents and family I have. I went to private Christian school 1-8 grades. I learned so much there, about God and his word, as well as good study habits and working hard in school. For high school I went to CHS, Coeur d'Alene High School. I mainly went there for sports. I excelled in soccer and wrestling, mostly soccer. I learned a lot there too. Mostly about how to get decent grades with as little work as possible, skipping class, partying, drugs, girls and all sorts of stuff. It was quite a stark contrast to my private school days. Very soon image, social status, being the best soccer player, having the cutest girl, and being the coolest guy around were my priorities. I was doing really well at them too. But now I can see how I really felt back then. Nothing ever really satisfied, or not for very long at least. Nothing was ever good enough for me. I had to be cooler, better at soccer, needed at hotter girl, whatever. I also got in a lot of trouble. I got a DUI my senior year in Highschool. That hurt in so many ways. I had a lot of people looking up to me and I let them down. I got suspended from soccer and my title as captain taken away. I worked my butt off to show everyone how sorry I was. I developed a view that working hard is how I show everyone I mean I am sorry. Which can be good but not when I turned it into what I did. Which was making up for mistakes with hard work and not truly repenting for what I had done. I graduated Highschool and went to college. I received a full ride scholarship for soccer and was quite proud of what I had done for myself. My college experience was like Highschool but bigger. More parties, girls, and athletic accomplishments, and it still wasn't truly fulfilling. I could get into details of the stories of my partying and stuff but I want to make sure I don't glorify any of the things used to do. In Highschool I dabbled in drugs and sold a little bit but in college I tried a drug called OxyContin. It truly grabbed a hold of me my life changed dramatically. I remember the first time I did it I said that if I could feel like that all the time I would. I thought it what was that fulfillment I had been looking for. I got hooked right away. I started selling it so that I could support my habit for free. After two years of college and soccer, excelling at both, I decided I wanted the lifestyle of selling and doing drugs more. I walked away from soccer, my life, and college. I just quit showing up to both. I started down a path that I had no idea would lead me down years of hurt and pain. That fulfillment I thought I had found quickly became something was different. During my addiction I became someone I never thought I'd be capable of becoming. Every little piece of morality I had left was gone. I became consumed in selfishness. I was committing crimes, robbing, steeling, and manipulating everything and everyone I could. That included friends and even my own family. I was in and out of treatments and different facilities. I moved around to try and get away but everywhere I went there I was. I couldn't run away from me. I became so wrapped up in shame and condemnation. I always tried going back to the guy I used to be before the drugs and could never do it. During that time I lost so much! God has restored so much but it has been a long process and there are a lot of friends and people I hurt that still need a lot of reconciliation. The entire time God was calling me. I would try and answer but there was always something I was unwilling to surrender and I wouldn't seek him long. I finally found myself in jail facing an abundance of different charges. My first time in jail I was incarcerated for 11 months and part of that was in prison. The situation didn't make me run to God, I just became more of a victim. I got consumed with the "prison mentality". When I had served my time and thought I was getting out, I found out that I had a warrant in WA and was transported there. It was there where I finally had an encounter with God that was honest, powerful and changed my life forever.
More to come:)

7 thoughts on “My Story

    1. Jon

      I love what The Lord has done in your life Mike. I know there is so, so much more to come. I know sometimes its hard to understand the purpose, but The Lord has chosen you to be a light, and a beacon of faith for those who are brought into your life to witness your journey. What an honor. He loves you Mike and He is going to use you to bring so many of us closer to Him. Thank You for answering His call!

  1. Kristen Smeltzer

    I can’t wait to hear the rest. I see you traveling and speaking to large groups of youth some day!! Keep it coming, Kristen

  2. Sandy tankiewicz

    seriously!a cliffhanger!I mean,you give us the first chapter,and I can see what the end of this story is so far,but it’s whats in the middle of a story that explains so much!looking forward to your next installment as one who has never heard your story!:)I already know the ending will be fabulous and full of twists and turns!

  3. Hannah Smith

    Amazing testimony. Can’t wait to read the rest. I will be copying this down for my little brother. He is currently in prison for Oxycontin and is struggling with his relationship with God. This will be a huge inspiration for him.

  4. Julina Skinner

    Beth and I were talking about your strength and how you will reach so many more people for Christ now than you could
    have a year ago. God will work miracles through you and I am excited you are sharing your story !! One more person who isn’t hiding it under a bushel !!! Let it shine !


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