My story continued

I left off my in my story where I was about to encounter The Lord in a way that would change my life forever. He did it during a time when that was the last thing I wanted and thought I needed. It happened when I was in Spokane county jail waiting for a transfer. I had no idea when that would come. All anyone would tell me is that Whitman county had 60 days to come and get me. Because I was waiting transport, I never left intake. I was in a cell 24 hours a day with no shoes!!! I worked out to pass time but with no shower and just a sink to clean myself it was pretty awful. Intake is medical isolation as well. There were people who were sick and people with mental illness in the cells next to me. There was constant screaming and crying day and night. I had blood stains on my walls. It was the worst experience I've ever had. I had different roommates that would be there for just one night. All sorts of people came through. One had smuggled drugs in and used the night to get them, which was quite grows. I had been there for 4 days when I couldn't take it any more. I had a "wrestling" match with God, like Jacob. I didn't hold anything back. I told him how I really felt in the language that best described how I felt. I told him about all the wrongs he had done to me and let him know that it was his fault I was where I was. After I had no more tears, words left, or a voice, something broke. I started repenting for thing I've never admitted out loud and started praying for my family and what ever He put on my heart to pray. I woke up the next day a different person. I no longer wanted to do the things I used to. Everything in my heart had changed. I spent the next three days reciting scripture I had once memorized, and praying and worshiping The Lord. I was there for a total of 7 days. As soon as I was transferred I was released at the other county. When I was released I wanted to be different but still struggled for a few months with drugs. God being so faithful broke in again to show me the how. I became plugged in with my church and started running as fast as I could toward The Lord. Close to year after my release for jail I had become so prideful in my relationship with Christ. I see how in so many ways I became Ike one of the pharacies. I thought I knew the right way to pray, they right way to minister, I had it figured out. Because of my pride and with the help of a couple unhealthily relationships I relapsed. God don't let me get to far and just asked me a simple question. He asked if I really wanted to go back to how it used to be. I didn't. So I did something I have never done before I, I told on myself. I told my pastor, discipler, family, and my probation officer. All were very supportive and wanted to help. My PO however, wanted to help in a different way. After I told her what was going on I found myself, once again, back in jail.
More to come.

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