My Story round 3

When I was back in jail I was honestly pretty shocked. I went to my PO for help and this was the answer? I was pretty hurt. I was devastated when I received my paperwork from my PO with her recommendation to my judge. She asked that I go back to prison and do more programming. I couldn't believe it. This was a hard time for me because I knew I was different than I was before. I truly believed I made a mistake, a huge one, but I don't believe I was going to turn back into that old person. I was a new creation. I didn't know what to do. I was faced with some challenges. Do I go back to survival mode and prison mentality like last time I was incarcerated? I decided to believe what the bible said about me. I decided that I would put on my new nature that God had given me. So I stayed out of the "politics" of jail. I started a bible study and a nightly prayer circle. It was pretty hard, they both started with just me. My time there was filled with reading the word, serious intercession, and still some cards haha. I saw something strange happen. My bible study started to grow and the prayer circle blew up. I found myself walking laps with people just listening to their story, just loving them. By the time I left there were no fights, a miracle, the bible study had a consistent 15 people, and the prayer circle was filled with most of the 50 inmates in my pod. I saw people get saved, miracles happen, and many prayers answered in totally supernatural ways. It was crazy!!!! God did a major thing in my pod, something I had never seen before. When I went to court, the court room was packet with support. I had people from all over come and support me. The judge took notice, and had mercy. He decided to not do what my PO wanted and instead let me do a faith based treatment in CDA. I went to the Good Samaritan Rehabilitation program. It was 2 months of hanging out with Jesus and getting in his word. The entire time I was there God showed me so many things about his character that I had seemed to just skip over. For example, the fear of The Lord. I kind of missed that one and it's a big deal. Truly understanding and getting revelation on that helped me build a strong foundation in my relationship with Him. I learned all about submitting to authority, even when I don't agree, in the best way possible. How he truly has placed all authority, and submitting to that is honoring him and another form of worship. I could go on and on about the awesome things he showed me in our quiet times together. Since I graduated the program God has opened and closed so many doors. It has been great! I am teaching a class about freedom at that same rehab, teaching bible study's, leading a discipleship home, and all sorts of things I would have never imagined. God has saved me from so much. I am eternally grateful for all the things he has done for and through me. He did all this for me when I didn't want it. He saved me in spite of my rebellion and resentments towards him. He is so good! I have hurt so many people through out my story. He has been redeeming so much, replacing the years the locust have eaten away. I still sometimes hurt because of the things I've done but when I take off the old nature and out on the new one, I am able to grieve what I have done but have Godly sorrow which leads to life.
This is the krux of my story up until the accident. I hope something has grabbed ahold of your heart.

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  1. MIca

    I just read ‘your story’ blogs….. your faith is inspirational, as well as your self awareness~ :) and your 100% devotion to God..


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