There have been so many amazing testimonies I have heard during this whole time. I thought I would try and fill everyone in on a few.
One person wrote me on FB to let me know about their struggles with faith for years and how it’s been full of doubt and hurt. But through this they have seen the true beauty of Jesus. How hope in him carries us through anything, his is so for us, and how much and deep his love is for us. They told me that they finally hit their knees and cries out to the one who they were so upset with for all these years, and gave up their view of him, their life and excepted his beauty and his life. That everyone is a true miracle!

I was talking to a friend who told me that the talked to a Lady who doesn’t know me and how she was explaining how deeply The Lord has been moving her and how she has been praying for me. My friend told me she was saying this all with tears in her eyes. She isn’t just saying mock prayers but is have unimaginable intimacy with The Lord through intercession. It went on. She then explained how this has awakened her heart to prayers she used to pray for her kids and family and just kind of slowly stopped. Reawakened faith and close intimacy with The Lord are miraculous!

I know someone my whole life who I have only seen as pretty bitter. If they are saying something they are complaining. Even in their faith. I only heard very condemning, dry, and judgmental things come out of there mouth when it comes to others, I wasn’t hearing God is love if you know what I mean. I talked to this person a few days ago on the phone and they were comforting me and sharing their support and love. I heard something in that conversation that rocked me to the core. They told me that they were in a Bible study and the Holy Spirit told them…let me pause there. I have never heard this person say this name. I was in shock but also really excited. For them to say the were getting a word from the Holy Spirit was like me hearing an 3 year old recite the periodic table or an atheist knowing the names of the 12 disciples. I was so taken back but so glad. They finished my saying the felt that the Holy Spirit told them “he is healed” and is was repeated over and over in power, love, strength, and gentleness all at the same time. Sooo powerful. What it really awesome is I have been told by a couple other people the same word. Same exact words used and feelings that go along with it. Holy goose bumps, I know.

Here are just a few testimonies that I have I heard. I will make sure to continue to write more. There are so many amazing ones that I look forward to sharing.

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